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November 9, 2008 - Ray Hall (Archive)
If for some reason the less curious among us missed Tuesday’s historical election they would not think it unusual that so many Republicans and Conservatives talk as if they have been absent from the body politic for the last 16 years. They speak as if it was the day the stock market crashed that soured the political fortunes of John McCain. Both groups are loathe to think the wheels came off the Republican wagon through total incompetence and the frightening prospect that Sara Palin was a heart beat away, or that McCain’s run was doomed before it began. However, there were other elections across the country notorious in their own right.

ARIZONA HORROR STORY: Maricopa county Sheriff Joe Arpaio easily won reelection to his fifth term as America’s toughest sheriff. On any given day Joe Arpaio is arguably mentally unbalanced, criminally inclined or inherently evil yet he remains immensely popular with an equally unbalanced electorate that lacks the good sense to boot this man out of office. The man displays none of the characteristics of simple humanity and delights in treating inmates as harshly as his mind can perceive.

Pink Underwear: Arpaio dyed all inmate issued underwear pink. He claimed that regulation white underwear issued to inmates were being smuggled outside and sold on the street, but his critics claim his intent was meant to dehumanize inmates. He claims it saves money, but there is no empirical evidence to support his claim.

Green Bologna: Let them go hungry seems to be this cretin’s creed when it comes to feeding inmates. Arpaio unabashedly feeds his charges oxidized green bologna and has limited meals to twice daily. He takes perverse pleasure in announcing that he has reduced meals costs to 30 cents a day. He also removed coffee from the inmates claiming that reduced “coffee attacks” against corrections officers.

Lawsuits: Maricopa County has paid out nearly $50 millions of dollars to settle claims against Arpaio. Several people have died under his care including a blind inmate who was allegedly beaten into a coma and died as a result of a perforated intestine and broken neck. The family of a Brigham Young University football player received nearly $9 million when the young man died after repeatedly being shocked and placed in a restraint chair. In another instance a 33-year-old mentally handicapped man had his head covered with a spit hood and placed in a restraint chair. He lost consciousness and died three days later. That particular incident cost Maricopa County taxpayers more than $10 million.

Arpaio has been accused of conspiracy to frame a prison inmate for a phony attempt on his life and was accused of deliberately destroying evidence. This man possesses the imbecilic notion that it is his charge to punish inmates for their crimes. It isn’t, Judge and Jury mete out punishment and this idiot is only there to provide a safe place—as is any jail—to secure inmates away from the general public.

This guy is so bad that a court in Ireland refused to extradite Patrick Colleary, a Catholic Priest accused of molesting an altar boy in Scotsdale, Arizona. Judge Phillip O’Sullivan wrote in his decision to refuse extradition that Arpaio “gloated over the inhumane treatment he dishes out to inmates” and took “a chillingly sadistic pleasure in his role as an incarcerator.” The Judge wrote that it was the duty of any Irish Court to see that no citizen was handed over to such a regime. An Icelandic court in 1997 came to the same conclusion.

ARKANSAS: Just when you think it’s time to stop cracking jokes about the lack of intellectual acuity of Ozark Hillbillies the dueling banjo crowd emerges in Arkansas and approves a ballot inititive that bans unmarried, cohabiting adults from adopting or fostering children. Gay marriage was banned in a 2004 using a similar tactic. Gosh, it is too bad that a single person might be incapable of caring for or fostering children. Maybe that’s why there are more abortions.

CALIFORNIA: Proposition 8 that banned same sex marriage was approved. Opponents claim that the LDS church encouraged members to work in favor of the ban and that Mormons financed nearly a third of the multi-million dollar campaign supporting the measure. Stunning to some was the revelation that 70% of blacks in California that voted for Obama also voted for the ban as did 49% of the Hispanics. The big question is what will become of the 18,000 same-sex couple that are already married? The struggle continues.

COLORADO: An abortion rights amendment that would have defined a person from the moment of conception failed in Colorado. Colorado Amendment 48 was trounced by 72% of the vote.

MICHIGAN: Seriously ill patients won the right to use marijuana with a victory in the Midwest—Proposal 1 on the Michigan ballot was approved by a 60% margin.

SOUTH DAKOTA: In South Dakota voters rejected a measure that would have banned all abortions except in the case of rape, incest or health threat to the mother.

WASHINGTON: According to the Seattle Times voters in that state adopted a measure that allows terminally-ill patients to end their lives. For those that use the system, their death certificates will list the cause of death as the underlying illness instead of suicide.

FOR McCAIN SUPPORTERS: If this is any consolation; take it from someone who has experienced many disappointing election losses—LOSING HURTS MORE THAN WINNING FEELS GOOD.


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