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Back For One Night Only

July 8, 2008 - John Whittaker

In our age of computer-generated everything, imagine my delight Monday night when I found Alf on WGN.

That's right - a television series featured a puppet. How did we ever get by with such non-technical shows. And, you know what - Alf holds up surprisingly well 20 years after it was on the air. I didn't know the station was airing a min-marathon as part of a retro-week (1980s sitcoms are featured from 8 to 10 p.m. all week) and only saw one episode.

Alf becomes bored with his life with the Tanner family and is infatuated with Gilligan's Island, fantasizing about living on the island with the castaways. He even makes a lagoon in the middle of the Tanners' back yard - and has to dig it all back in, leading to a dream sequence where he is on Gilligan's Island, with cameos from Gilligan, the Skipper, Mary Ann and the Professor. After a dream when he finds out how boring life would be on the show, he returns to the Tanner house and lives happily ever after, starts watching Bonanza and puts a stagecoach in the back yard.

I know I went off on this rant a little bit last Tuesday, but more 1980s sitcoms and movies. Watching Alf was at least as entertaining as seeing the same Friends re-run on TBS for the 1,977,254rd time. Tonight's featured show is Family Ties. Wish I was home for that one - it's one of my favorite sitcoms.

I won't get into the All-Star game balloting too much in this blog, but there is at least one glaring problem with the American League All-Star team. How, in the name of all things that don't suck, does Jason Varitek make the team? What are the players smoking? I know he handles a pitching staff well, but he hasn't had a hit in the last month. His batting average has dropped worse than the Dow Jones in the last month. He's got fantasy baseball owners all over the country taking his name in vain at least three times a day. Yorvit Terrible, sorry, Torreabla - Freudian slip - is a better catcher this year than Varitek. Heck, Jose Molina and his .226 batting average should make the All-Star team if Varitek makes it.

Random fantasy baseball note - the Golden Thongs have climbed into ninth place! WOOHOO! General manager John Whittaker is working the trade offers, so moves could be coming that will make the C.C. Sabathia deal look miniscule. More to follow….

And, from the I live a charmed life collection - Is it a good sign when the wedding invitations you like the best are the least expensive of the ones you get samples of? If so, then the News Gal and I have lucky rabbits feet around our necks and lucky horseshoes up our butts. Good times!


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