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I'll Never Leave New York

October 26, 2013 - Nicholas Terry
I’m currently watching the Buffalo Sabres. My last blog was about Buffalo natives, Lemuria. Why not keep the Western/Upstate New York love going? Polar Bear Club hails from the Rochester/Syracuse region and unlike Lemuria, still frequent the area on tour. However, it can be a harsh place to be around come September.

Like most people, autumn is my favorite season. That chill in the air is invigorating, and there’s nothing better than a nice walk with my dog breathing in that crisp air. Nature provides the visual backdrop and Polar Bear Club’s third album, “Clash Battle Guilt Pride” provides a soundtrack to warm your soul.

Polar Bear Club are an interesting blend of post-hardcore. With the members coming from hardcore backgrounds, they have the technical abilities to whip out riff after riff. They also seem to have an affinity for 90's rock music which they use infuse melodies in their songs.

Jimmy Stadt is my current vocalist in all of music. He has the largest range which helps the song reaches it’s full potential. It’s easy to forget that the voice is not just the vehicle for words, it’s an instrument all it’s own. “Clash Battle Guilt Pride” makes me think of autumn from the cover art, to the warmth in Jimmy’s voice, to the guitar tones.

“Pawner” eases the listener into the album with just a guitar and Jimmy’s voice reminiscing about driving on a highway thinking about future goals. The band finally kicks in at the end of the song and leads in to the next song “Killing It” which the album title is taken from.

“Take the whole damn story in line And what it’s worth Take every clash, battle, the guilt, and pride And fill the verse”

Embracing every part of your life and feeling whole seems to be a reoccurring theme on the album. They’ve created a concise album of eleven songs that do as much rocking as they do empowering. “Religion on the Radio” comes near the end of the album and is one of my favorites in part due to it’s lyrical content.

“Slow, that’s is how it’ll go when you’re buildin’ somethin’ that’s worth the build But keeping in mind why you started to climb, it gets harder with height Don’t you think of starting over now, what a waste The guy in your head and the one in the mirror got a different face”

Polar Bear Club are one of the most accessible I can recommend. They are also not afraid to experiment, and have the technical chops to do so. No they aren’t Rush, but most bands that try to be fail miserably. Polar Bear Club is a rock band in every sense of the word. Just without the frivolous theatrics and pyrotechnics. I’m so stoked to be seeing them on November 3rd, the last day of Fest. Sandwiched right between White Wives (whom I’ve covered on here) and the reunion of influential emo band Cross My Heart. Every band I mention is worth at least a half hearted listen.


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