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Victory Not Vengeance

October 19, 2013 - Nicholas Terry
Let's mix things up a little bit. Electronic music is regaining popularity in the mainstream with dubstep and the utilization of it in pop music. I got into electronic music through a band called VNV Nation. The band's name stands for Victory Not Vengeance as their band motto is, "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret." Sure it's something that we all agree with, but it's nice to be reminded of.

I don't claim to know all about the umbrella that is electronic music, but like going to an art gallery, I know what I like and what I don't when I see it. Electronic music is one of the more over saturated genres due the minimal requirements it takes to create, record, and mix songs. This is not a bad thing for people who want to create. How great is it to be able to create countless songs with a computer, some software (a lot of it free), maybe your dads old synthesizer from the 80's, and a few cables to connect it all. Sure, it's a bit more complicated than that. But that's the great thing about music. It can be as complex or as minimalistic as you want it to be.

VNV Nation dabble into a bit of all the crazy subgenres of electronic music. Industrial rock, dark wave, trance and synthpop and a few others. It's hard to tell when one subgenre of electronic music starts and another one begins. It's all just silly labels to try and describe something that is tough to put into words. VNV Nation's music pushes and pulls between driving beat driven songs and haunting ballads. Because they don't limit themselves to a certain style, they are able to grow and experiment while defining their sound. They've alienated some fans along the way when they started experimenting, but I've enjoyed listening to them grow over the past two decades.

VNV Nation will create lush instrumental pieces that sometimes contain lyrics, and sometimes not. Either way, their music takes you to another place and lets you paint your own picture. Their lyrics are almost always uplifting and speak to their motto of striving to better yourself in the limited amount of time we have in this world. They are one of the largest electronic bands, and you may have heard a song or two by them and not even have known it. Me and my wife walked down the aisle to their song "Beloved" and it's been 15 years since I first heard that song and who knows how many listens and the opening to that song still gives me the chills. Just another reminder that music is all around you (or should be) and to not take it for granted. It takes a lot of work to create music (even if it's just made from a computer), and musicians deserve support from those that enjoy what they do.


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