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The Future is Cancelled

October 15, 2013 - Nicholas Terry
Every artist (of any sort, at any level) knows that sometimes you create something that is so personal you don’t want others to see. We create for entertainment, our own therapy, or are simply a vehicle for the art to come out of. The following quote by Stephen King has stuck with me over the years, “Your job isn’t to find these ideas but to recognize them when they show up.” Sometimes an artist writes because that’s just what comes out, and sometimes things need to come out to be human.

The latest album, “The Future Is Cancelled” by Captain, We’re Sinking feels more akin to the latter. Scranton, Pennsylvania is not normally known as a hot bed of music, but maybe it should be. Captain, We’re Sinking have created an album that is (figuratively, of course) written in blood from the heart down the sleeve to the paper. I saw a cartoon on the Internet a few months back that depicted two characters sitting near a radio while one plays a song. After the song is finished the other character states how it is one of the most depressing songs they've ever heard, but wants to hear it again. I felt this way at least three times on this record. On each continuous listen, I find something I missed or that hits a different spot in my heart.

The music is the perfect back drop for one of the greatest vocal performances I've heard in a long time. The lyrics are heartfelt and clever, and are delivered that make you shiver to your core. The vibrato in his voice makes him sound as if he is crying as he is singing. It’s a tough thing to describe, but trust me, it works. Whether it was intended or not, it sounds completely natural and adds character that makes the band stand out from their peers.

I’ve listened to this album twice through trying to write this, so maybe that’s why there are so few words on this page. Maybe it’s because this album speaks volumes on it’s own, and trying to describe it is a futile task. I fear that I will say something that will diminish the greatness of this album to someone unfamiliar with it. It’s worth a listen if you’ve enjoyed some of the bands that I have written about. I wouldn't steer you wrong, I may take you on the scenic tour, but I’ve got one hand on the stereo and one on the wheel. And that’s enough to get us to our destinations, wherever your stop in life is.


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Oct-17-13 6:50 PM

I find Mr. Terry's insight about alternative music to be useful. Who else locally is reviewing and/or recommending entertainment that walks off the beaten path? If you don't prefer the content of this blog then don't read it. It's a simple solution. There's no need to comment in a derogatory manner, Dipstick.


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