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Wrong Way/One Way

August 6, 2013 - Nicholas Terry
I love music compilations. Maybe it's the teenager in me who loved discovering new music and that was the easiest and cheapest way. It helped that Fat Wreck Chords, Epitaph Records, and Asian Man have some put out some solid compilations over the years. More precisely in the 90s and early 2000s before things got weird (or I got too old). I recently picked up a Plea For Peace compilation that I hadn't had. It had some newer songs I already liked, some stuff I had never heard of, and what this blog is about: bands I'd forgotten about along the way. Thanks to the folks at Hot Topic, and the lack of teenagers into good music I picked it up out of a clearance bin for a measly $5.

While the album is full of great songs and minimal to no filler, one song I kept going back to in my car. I knew the voices, the guitar tone was so familiar, but I couldn't think of who it was. The agony of leaving the case at the apartment was killing me, but alas I wrote down the track number and after work I checked and to my surprise it was RVIVR.

RVIVR are an interesting band. They get a lot of hate, some of it they ask for. They have beliefs, stand behind them, and are willing to take anyone who thinks otherwise head on. While I respect this, there's a point in which we as individuals should be a bit more open minded. Then again anyone who was ever promoted peace and unity in this country has been shunned. Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, John F Kennedy, etc. Odd how that works.

From what I know about them they are all about equal rights among men and women, the abolition of gender identity, and the destruction of the institution of marriage. I try not to take it too literally when they talk about certain things, but the general consensus I get is that everyone should be comfortable being who they want to be and from a legal and moral stand point from society they should be allowed to be who they are. I love that ideal, but the band likes the confrontation in order to get conversation started. Talking about the idea removal of marriage from society to create equality is going to cause a stir, but without communication how does anything ever get done?

But once that sweet guitar tone kicks in you forgot what they said in their last interview. That's what's so great about music, you can listen to it and get out of what you want to. Their songs both on record and live are played with so much energy and passion that you can't deny they are playing music from the heart. RVIVR tour relentlessly and seeing them live you can see the strain on them, but it's the kind of dedication they put into it that makes every show special. The released an album earlier this year called "The Beauty Between", which will be in my top five at the end of the year. They also have a self-titled album, and a string of 7". Their lyrics are down to earth and express things we all go through. They speak for those who can't, or are afraid to. For that, they will always have my respect. Even if we have different views on certain issues.

Open your mind, listen to music, and most important of all...enjoy.


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