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Wedding Updates!

January 25, 2013 - Liz Skoczylas
With about three-and-a-half months until the wedding, I am feeling completely unprepared.

We are getting to the point where we have to nail down the little details... And, there are a lot of little details!! We need to figure out things like what we're using to cut the cake. Plus, I've decided that I don't think I like the shoes I bought for the wedding. (Ok, maybe I haven't actually decided yet. But, I don't think I like them. So, it's a start.)

The good news is, we have moved! We moved into our new apartment last weekend. It's very cute, although it still feels like one giant mess as we unpack. I'm ready for all of the boxes to be gone, and for everything to find its home. Right now, I feel like the only two places of sanity are the bedroom, which is completely organized, and the kitchen. Other than that, the living room, dining room and spare bedroom feel like chaos. But, hopefully not for much longer!

The picture frames are out of picture-frame-ICU. Mr. Fixit, aka my dad, got those taken care of. But, there are still little details with those that need to be completed. Maybe I can convince N to help me work on those details this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, we are going for our tuxes tomorrow! 4 of our groomsmen, our junior groomsmen and my dad are going to get fitted. Our best man and the father of the groom had prior engagements, so they are unable to attend the fun. I honestly don't care what N decides to pick out for the guys to wear, as long as they're all comfortable. However, I was told that as the bride, I'm supposed to go to be sure that the colors are matching those of my girls.

Hmmmm, what else? Save the Dates went out earlier this month, which I mentioned in a different blog. The day after those went out, N and I went out to my brother and his fiance's home, because we needed to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses for their wedding. It was a lot of fun meeting up with their bridesmaids, some of whom I was meeting for the first time. I had a lot of fun trying on dresses with those girls. But, it made me wish that my bridesmaids all lived closer, so that we would be able to all get together like that and have fun. We did get dresses picked out for my brother's wedding, though, and they are SUPER CUTE.

Their wedding plans seem to be coming along, too. In December, my mom went out to their house, because Mary was shopping for her dress. So, that's all done, and, I will tell you, her dress is gorgeous, but more importantly, she is radiant in it.

They are also all set on venues and whatnot. And, because they are both also in our wedding, Steve-o and Mary are coming out tomorrow so Steve-o can get fitted for his tux. And, they will be our first house guests.

I think that's about it. I'm starting to feel slightly frazzled, but I figure it's all a part of the experience!!


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Jan-30-13 5:37 PM

Thanks, Digger! :)

Jan-30-13 5:33 PM

Love your bloggs.

Jan-30-13 5:32 PM



Jan-30-13 2:54 PM

Oh! We haven't decided that yet, but we are planning on having a soloist at the church. Music for that is still on our to-do list! :)


Jan-30-13 12:46 PM

I only ask, because if you're looking for classical music, there are 2 CDs sold from Amazon, entitled "Classical Wedding" and/or "Classical Wedding Music" for some great ideas.


Jan-30-13 11:25 AM

Ah, that sounds really nice. But what about the wedding songs? How will the bride be presented to her groom? Bach? Pachelbel? Wagner?


Jan-29-13 2:18 PM

MyRushie - Thanks for your interest! I'm keeping our major song choices (first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances) a secret for now, so check back at the end of May :) I will say, our DJ is Dan Warren. And, while I like a lot of pop music and dance-y songs, my fiance enjoys rock (especially of the 80's variety!) and country. And, we will also have some of the hits from the 50's and 60's, because they're fun. So, we will have a great mix!


Jan-29-13 11:22 AM

I would love to hear your music selections for the wedding.


Jan-28-13 4:49 AM

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