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Thinner, Faster, Stronger

April 3, 2012 - Dave Hecei

A crazy idea came over me just the other day. With new Macs on the immediate horizon, Apple could take the iMac and do a redesign instead of just a bump in speed. The crazy part of my idea was when I kept thinking about the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air. What if Apple created a whole new iMac without an optical drive?

That is a crazy idea. The only problem is that Apple is really starting to show no love for the CD/DVD. If you are old enough to remember back in 1997, Apple introduced the world to the very first iMac. This iMac pretty much saved Apple and it did it without a floppy drive (and also no serial ports or keyboard/mouse ports). At that time every computer had a floppy drive. It was actually still in use at the time, but Apple could read the tealeaves and ‘knew’ that the CD would replace floppies.

My idea of a new iMac would be very radical, maybe too radical. The one thing you can do, once you take out the moving parts in a computer, is make it super thin. If you’ve ever seen the 27-inch Thunderbolt display then you have an idea of what a ‘diskless’ iMac would look like. Even the Thunderbolt display is probably not as thin as it could be, but it is smaller and lighter than the iMac is now. If the ports were along the side, like the MacBooks, it could be thinner.

It will be interesting to see what Apple does with their computers over the next few years. Processors are getting faster, or should I say gaining more cores. Spinning hard drives are being replaced with super-fast SSD (Solid State Drive) storage. Optical drives are becoming unnecessary with changing technologies like iCloud and the Mac App Store. It all adds up to change, but just how much change is hard to say. Thinner, faster, stronger – Apple computers. Yep, it’s a crazy idea.


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