Cuomo, Democrats Are Failing To Address Nation’s Drug Problem

In an article by Andrew Cuomo in the July 16th edition of The Post Journal, Mr. Cuomo blames the proposed health care bill (being argued at the time of this writing), of stripping Medicaid funding used for drug treatment services. The problem is that Obamacare has failed us and the health care bill has not been voted on as of yet. It was a doomsday article that puts the total blame on Republicans who have been in office for about six months. The Democrats have been in control for eight years so what’s the beef? It was a totally politicized article designed to create panic and fear in those who don’t follow the news and don’t know any better. This political fearmongering has got to stop. Is he for helping people or is his sole purpose in life the destruction of the Republican party?

According to the US Border Patrol, the volume of drugs entering this country is predicted to be in the thousands of tons. They only seize about 20 percent and the rest reaches other US states. There is nothing wrong with wanting to treat the individuals. I am all for that. However, how about treating the problem? And that is doing something about drugs that flow into this country, and the killings and crime associated with it. Now we have a gutsy President who is not full of platitudes and really wants to help all Americans who have a drug problem and hopefully curtain the influx of this scourge into this country at the same time.

Mr. Cuomo’s article had about 750 words in it. The whole piece does nothing but castigate the Republicans and the Republican health care bill that has not even been voted on as of July 21, 2017. Seven hundred and fifty words to tell us about the drug epidemic and how many Americans will die because of the health care bill. Seven hundred and fifty words to spread fear, panic and deception and tell us how uncaring the Republicans are about the oipoid crisis. Seven hundred and fifty words to tell us about what President Trump has been saying for over a year. And guess what? Not one sentence, not one paragraph, not one single word, not even a hint about what he plans to do about the problem.

Where has he been for eight years during the Obama administrations lack of concern to control our borders and curtail drug trafficking? Not to mention the cataclysmic failure of Obamacare. There was a huge uptick in drug trafficking after Obama ordered the military to leave. And how about the 1,927 individuals pardoned by the Obama administration, many convicted drug pushers? Why was he not so concerned about our drug problem then? Where has his concern been for all these poor drug addicts who he happens to suddenly champion for after President Trump has taken the lead. And I will bet that he will not vote for the wall which will show how much he really cares. Yes, the Wall is not a panacea but it sure is a good start according to the amount of drug trafficking coming into this country.

Some Democrats in Albany want to legalize some drugs and they will start with marijuana, which is a gateway drug. Don’t let them tell you any different and don’t let them do it. A living nightmare and hell might eventually be brought down on you and your family the likes of which you can’t believe. This is not alcohol. This is a scourge that will bring heartbreak and permanent destruction to you and your family. For those who don’t believe in hell, mess with what’s entering this country illegally now and you will witness a dose of it right out of Lucifer’s recipe book.

Get ready for Gray Death. What is Gray death? Start with heroin. Mix in the powerful painkiller fentanyl. which has 50 times more punch. Add a dash of carfentanil, which is animal tranquilizer 100 more powerful than fentanyl and made to be used on tigers and elephants. Top it all off with synthetic opioid called U-47700, better known on the street as “Pink” or “U4” and you have a lethal combo that is 10 times worse than is already out there.“Pink” by itself has been blamed for at least 46 deaths in 2015 and 2016 in New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Get involved with the new generation of drugs and you might as well kiss your life goodbye. Paint thinner, Freon, acetone, anhydrous ammonia, iodine crystals, red phosphorus, drain cleaner, battery acid and lithium (taken from inside batteries) are used in making meth. Try these new age drugs once and you are hooked for life. Medicaid is not the answer. Trump is working to do something about it.

Crack down, get tough and educate our kids as young as possible. Have reformed addicts come into the class rooms and tell about there experiences. Show pictures of the consequences and tell them how serious this situation is. Build a wall 10 miles high if need be. Aggressively go after these heartless drug pushers with a vengeance. And for God’s sake don’t pardon those drug pushers who have so callously destroyed the lives of our kids. You’re either going to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Just throwing money at the problem is not the answer. Some of our kids will be admitted to rehab three to six times and there is no assurance of getting permanently clean. And of course some will die. Just my opinion but it seems to me that Trump has a better grasp of the seriousness of our drug problem then most. The life you save may be one of your own.

Bruce Piatz is a Jamestown resident.