The Republican Party Needs To Work Together

To The Reader’s Forum:

If ever you wanted a prime example of why Donald Trump won the presidency, look no further than Jamestown.

Mr. Liuzzo announced he would run for mayor several weeks ago. Instead of supporting him. The Republican Party makes a choice of their own — sound familiar yet? In 2016 Jeb Bush was the picked torchbearer. That turned out well for the Republicans.

Mr. Liuzzo is not a politician. He is just a regular guy who got sick of how things are in Jamestown. He questions things. He’s got crazy ideas. He does thing against the norm and is met with resistance along the way. He does not toe the party line. Sound familiar yet?

Mr. Wilfong is a fine choice. But why not support someone who already says let me try? Even today Republicans buck President Trump instead of trying to work with him. From what I can see, Mr. Liuzzo is the lone Republican on City Council.

I’m sensing a pattern within the Republican Party. If the Republican Party on both local and federal levels cannot work together, we will lose elections. The country is changing and its high time the Republican Party changes as well we can still keep our ideas and our values. But the days of the Grand Old Party are gone.

Micheal Haddad