Happiness Is Not A Goal

To The Reader’s Forum:

I look around me and see so many unhappy people these days. Time for a little contemplation here.

Many seem to think happiness is a goal and the purpose of life.

Happiness is not a goal. It’s something that ensues as a result of pursuing a greater purpose than just yourself.

It’s what you feel when you are useful, creating things of value to others, doing things that help others, making the world around you a better place for others. It’s not constantly setting yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations for yourself and others that are never achieved.

Consumption and acquiring things give you a rush of chemicals that make you feel good for a short time, before you crash and need another fix. There’s a never ending void that needs constant filling.

Maybe there is something in human nature that thwarts this, but we have to look at the bigger picture around us. No man is an island. We are all a part of a greater humanity and our actions have consequences beyond ourselves.

What is it that you are chasing? Why?

What are you doing to improve the lives of others?

And what are we teaching our children about life?

Susan Meara