State Needs To Help Clean Chautauqua Lake

To The Reader’s Forum:

We bought our cottage in 1987 in Burtis Bay. The lake was very clean and beautiful at that time. We found out that spraying for herbicides had stopped very soon after we bought our cottage. We had a swimming raft at the end of our dock and our grandchildren would come and we could all swim all over. There were no large weeds in the lake at that time. As for algae we never had that until many years later. That was when the CLA cut weeds and lots of them rotted and were not picked up. The leaking septic systems and the rotting cut weeds contributed to the algae, not herbicides.

We believe that the state of New York should help clean up this lake. They give lots of money to other lakes in New York state, but don’t give us any money. The state should be responsible for this lake. The state gave $600,000 to Seneca Lake for invasive species.

Our county government should ask the state to help our lake with herbicides.

Karen Johnson