Cuomo Says Filth All Leftists Believe

To The Reader’s Forum:

Andrew Cuomo is the cartoon caricature liberal. He blurts out the things I’ve accused liberals of thinking for years.

When I was young, there was a bumper sticker: “America, Love It or Leave It.” The liberals hated it. Many years later after liberals had taken over our country I suggested a new sticker for them. “It’s Our America Now. Love It or Leave It.” They didn’t get the joke. But January 17, 2014, Cuomo said it, told me I “have no place in the state of New York.”

For decades conservatives have accused liberals of hating America and we were reviled for the accusation. Now Cuomo has admitted it. “America never was that great.”

America has given more prosperity to more people, more justice, more opportunity, more health, more education, more scientific advance, more security and more freedom than any other nation in history. And people know it which is why they flock here legally and illegally. But you see it is as filthy rags compared to the utopia liberals can and will and must be allowed to bestow on us with their superior intellects and virtues so in that shadow America deserves nothing but contempt and condemnation.

Liberals hijacked the environmental movement and rededicated it to destroying Western Civilization and reversing the industrial revolution with their pipe dreams of “renewable” (i.e. meager) energy. Cuomo has stamped it into policy. He hasn’t yet said in so many words, but we all understand the real objective is to choke off the industrial revolution and bring us all down with the undeveloped world where he thinks we deserve to be.

When liberals speak, no matter what they say, I hear nothing — nothing — but a 21st century edition of the Pharisee’s prayer: Thank God I’m not a sinner like those deplorable people.

Just give us your country, your culture, your property, your lives, and your liberty they say and we promise you utopia and free medical care and college tuition. But they will really give us tyranny and destruction, destruction they believe we deserve for succeeding better than the poor and oppressed.

Liberals are a squalid mass of hypocrites with delusions of superiority, importance, and entitlement who hate America, Western Civilization, the White Race and men. And they are forever apologists and whores for the loathsome old 60’s radicals who still unapologetically lust for blood and revolution.

Norman Carlson