Words Of Wisdom Still Ring True Today

Editor’s Note: Harry R. Williams recently sent a copy of a letter he submitted to the Reader’s Forum in February 1968. “Contents important 60 years ago, more so today,” Mr. Williams noted in his letter.

To The Reader’s Forum:

The politically-conceived idea of a gun control law to harass the law-abiding citizen is totally unsuitable. I predict the law enforcement officers could better use the efforts and money to combat the criminal element. In fact, very few of the people in a position to tell us whether a gun law would be effective would even support such a move. Let’s stop fooling around and take a stand on this important issue.

I don’t feel it is necessary to have an armed “home army,” but speaking as a former Marine, I don’t think the importance of being proficient in the use of fire arms could be debated. Ask any Vietnam veteran or any high-ranking officer. A few have been quoted on this, but the news media have chosen to ignore them.

We all know something should be done about the unfortunate headlines in the papers, but let’s put the blame where it belongs. What we don’t need are more stupid laws and restrictions on fire arms. (A gun never shot anyone, only a person could shoot another person). Simple, but true. The laws we have now can’t catch and convict the worst of our criminals, but yet because a few people think a gun registration law is what the taxpayers want, they push it down our throats like so many other unpopular policies.

It seems to me this country was founded on freedoms, not lack of freedoms. Are we going to throw our heritage down the drain? It seems to me the criminal must be laughing at us. If guns are registered, his won’t be. Did you ever hear of a set of safe-crackers’ tools or a muggers’ knife or club being registered? The gun law just won’t do what these misguided people want it to. In fact, have they explained their motives? Why is it we elect these officials that continually act against the wishes of the majority of taxpayers? It’s time to do some serious thinking about this.

Harry R. Williams