Trump Blames Everyone But Himself

To the Reader’s Forum:

Great leadership, a rare and wonderful gift, is something this country has often been blessed with during its most troubling times. Some of the many examples are the magic of the Constitutional Convention and leadership of the Founding Fathers, Lincoln’s guiding the nation through the Civil War, Roosevelt’s steady hand during the Great Depression, and Eisenhower’s masterful balancing act which led to victory in World War II. One of the many traits required of great leaders is their ability to take responsibility. Taking responsibility implies ultimate ownership of a problem and great leaders assume the responsibility because it is their leadership that will solve it.

It was with dismay to read that Donald Trump is now blaming Attorney General Sessions for his problems with the Russia probe. It is an all too familiar theme, Trump blaming others. I decided to do a Google search on the term “Trump blames.” I’m sure the lights dimmed in Sunnyvale as the Google computers returned 18 million results. Here are a few of them:

Trump blames Sessions

Trump blames FBI

Trump blames media

Trump blames TV news

Trump blames criminal justice system

Trump blames victims

Trump blames dems

Trump blames immigrants

Trump blames Obama

Trump blames intelligence community

Trump blames ‘brutal’ North Korea

Trump blames China’s Xi Jinping

Trump blames Puerto Rico

Trump blames movies and video games

Trump blames FBI for Parkland massacre

Donald Trump blames constitution for chaos of his first 100 days

Donald Trump blames Samsung

Trump blames Congress

Trump blames ‘many sides’

Trump blames Senator Durban

Trump blames Amazon

Trump blames armed officer

Trump blames generals

Trump blames Lawrence, NH

Trump blames Mexico

Trump blames Texas

Trump blames ‘so-called leaks’

Trump blames Putin

Trump blames Qatar

Trump blames free-riding foreign states

Trump blames NATO

Trump blames Cuba

Trump Blames Bad Poll Numbers on Existence of Numerical System (satire from Andy Borowitz)


It appears that Mr. Trump’s leadership style differs considerably from past great American leaders. For him, the buck stops anywhere but here.

Tom Meara,