This Is America’s Darkest Hour

To The Reader’s Forum:

The slow-motion horror of thousands of children who have suddenly lost their mommies and daddies, who are lost in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers who are not allowed to comfort them with a hug, and the agony of some of their parents, is only beginning.

Mark my words. This will probably go down in American history as our most shameful chapter. This is being done to children! To babies!

We’re only seeing a tiny tip of an immense iceberg. I can’t fathom the suffering of even one of these children or parents, let alone thousands. It’s handling is a disaster–worse than a disaster, because it’s deliberate. Why have they secretly flown these kids all over the country? How are they going to be able to reunite a two-year-old who doesn’t even know his or her last name with his or her parents? There are many parents and children who will never see each other again.

These children are being damaged for life — not just emotionally, but mentally and physically, according to doctors. Their organs — including their little hearts — are being damaged by unbearable stress. We’ll be following their stories for decades to come. No doubt, lasting damage is also being done to parents whose lives will never be the same. Our lives will never be the same either.

It’s hard for me to believe this is happening. People are walking around in a political dream, condemning one man, when it’s more than one man; or defending the indefensible, in total denial of what’s happening. Our country, really our world society and culture created this individual and his enablers. We know the tree by its fruits. It’s a sick tree. Can it survive? Should it survive? Yes, because good and decent people care about strangers from other countries and are outraged. And we should be grateful to those who are doggedly pursuing the truth and telling us about it. Evil is always answered by good.

William Nothem