Reader Disagrees With View On The NRA

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have read Mr. E. Vos’s letter to the Reader’s Forum published on May 24, 2018 a number of times and a range of emotions flowed through me. Anger, confusion but mostly sadness that Mr. Vos would try to make a case and paint with such a broad stroke that the NRA and it’s membership supports terrorism and the slaughter of innocent lives at any level. This simply is not true!

There are approximately 13,000 deaths in the US from guns annually, most of which are suicides. Yes, this is far too many. However, there are close to 4-5 times as many more abortions preformed annually. I am told that a women has the right to chose murder over life for their unborn child. Of course, these women and their supporters conveniently disregard the choice of the innocent unborn. Sounds like terrorism to me.

The Obama administration came up with the “Fast and Furious” program. A process where guns could be sold and smuggled into the Mexican terror cartels so that horrific crimes including murder could be committed. Sounds like terroism to me.

Mr. Vos did get one thing correct. The NRA and the membership believe in teaching and promoting gun safety. Also, we belive that the Second Amendment is for all LAW ABIDING citizens.

Maybe it is time to enforce the laws on the books and stop letting the crazy people slip through the cracks.


Rob Martin