Lakewood Residents Need To Step Up

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is time for the citizens of Lakewood to wake up and show up.

In a recent article in The Post-Journal, our mayor and some trustees have found out that the managing of Lakewood affairs is more than they can handle. They now think we need a manager or administrator to take care of our affairs. Will it be a paid position? What would the salary be? And who would choose this person? Probably, you or I will not get a chance to vote on this. We were not given a chance to vote on the 9.7 percent increase in our village taxes. Of course, the trustees and mayor should have the power to handle small matters, but an almost 10 percent increase in taxes or a village manager should have the voted intent of the villagers.

I asked at the May 30 meeting if we had any recourse in that matter and was firmly told no! I answered, “Yes we do, at the ballot box.” Our next chance to change things is 1¢ years away. Those that were so eager to rule the village now find it too much. Please be at the meeting on Monday, June 25, at 6 p.m. Let our voices be heard and, remember, heckling is a waste of good air and accomplishes nothing.

Nancy W. Jones