Congress Is Sick

To The Reader’s Forum:

Our political system is sick! It has a cancer causing an inability to serve the people. Constant bickering on DACA, immigration, debt ceilings, and threats of government shutdowns are just a few of the symptoms plaguing our nation. I could go on and on.

We have a major disease called “Never Compromise” when it comes to passing any legislation. Do I dare add the chaos of our healthcare system and the Administration’s attempts to make it worse instead of better?

What we need is a doctor who is trained in analyzing problems and willing to work with people to help solve the pressing issues plaguing our government. We need someone who is willing to expose the problems for what they are and not sugarcoat them with prescriptions of placebos to make us feel good. Just look at our national debt, the largest most critical issue and no one is talking about it.

We have an out-of-control healthcare system that penalizes people. It prevents them from retiring when they wish. It prevents people from potential job switches and keeps people on welfare for the healthcare benefits that they can’t get with an entry-level job. Ensuring that good healthcare is available for everyone is an economic and social justice issue.

Healthcare is the key. It affects close to 20 percent of our economy. Currently our DOJ is suing in the federal court in Texas to do away with mandates and pre-existing conditions coverage of the Affordable Care Act. Our government is using its legal power to strike down a law that was passed and accepted by the Supreme Court as constitutional. I thought Congress was in charge of making laws not the Department of Justice! What is next? Getting rid of car insurance mandates so that when you have car accident with someone who has no insurance you get to cover the bill!

Did you know that our current U.S. Congress representative, Tom Reed, and his wife own a business which profits by collecting from people who can’t pay their medical bills?! It’s doubtful that Mr. Reed wants healthcare for all — it’s not in his financial best interest.

We need to identify and accept the problems that we have created before we can come up with a prognosis and prescription to solve the needs of the working-class people of NY’s 23rd district. We need someone who is not afraid to call it as they see it, and will work with and for us toward those difficult but necessary treatments.

Our Congress is sick! We need a compassionate person willing to diagnose and treat the problems that are choking our democracy and economy to death. Let’s vote June 26th in the Democratic primary for the best candidate to unseat Tom Reed!

Edward Vos