The NRA Supports White American Terrorists

To The Reader’s Forum:

Terrorism has been around since the dawn of time. It is often a form of warfare sometimes called guerilla warfare or just revenge for revenge’s sake. Since 9/11 we have been waging a war on terrorism. We have spent billions of dollars and created a cabinet position called Homeland Security; so, are we safe?

Note: we are not innocent when it comes to this kind of evil. Just ask any Indian about the Trail of Tears, or ask any African American about the 100-year reign of lynching terror perpetrated on them. Terrorism is evil we all know that. It gives us a gut feeling of repugnance and extreme anger when we see it willfully perpetrated on innocent civilians and children. We cry outrage, we cry revenge, we cry for understanding, we cry out in desperation that it should not have happened and should never happen again.

So what are we to make of the continual terrorism of our children in schools, from Sandy Hook to Florida to Texas? Is this now acceptable?

I find it odd that we need to label Arab terrorists as Islamic Terrorists so we can blame a culture of evil on a religion or group of people. So what should we call the white American terrorists who kill our children in schools? What should we call the organizations that support them? YES, we have an organization that supports them; it’s called the NRA!

The NRA started as a hunting safety and gun ownership supporting organization and rightfully so. Now its main purpose is, sell any weapon regardless of safety to anyone because freedom of ownership is more important than safety. Selling makes money, safety doesn’t.

This organization is aiding and abetting criminal terroristic activity and it must be challenged at all levels of society. This organization allows terrorist on no-fly lists to purchase guns. It advocates no background checks at gun shows. It purposely prevents standardized gun laws across all 50 states. It allows mentally disabled persons to purchase guns. By not challenging the NRA we are aiding and abetting American terrorists and the mayhem they disperse. When we say, “yes” to the NRA we are saying, “yes” to terrorizing society and our children.

We need to take off our shoes for airplane security and will spend billions on Homeland Security, but heaven forbid we lift one finger of support help save our children and our society from an organization that willingly supports terrorists having guns. We deserve the terrorism we perpetrate on ourselves.

Let’s face it, we know terrorism when we see it, but often we don’t care. We must respond with hatred towards terrorism and the senseless death of our children. If we don’t, our thoughts and prayers become meaningless. Unfortunately the deep down truth is we really don’t care, because if we did, we would have done something about it by now!

Edward Vos