Reader Grateful Of City Firefighters After Dinner

To The Reader’s Forum:

Have you ever had a homemade spaghetti dinner made by and served by the Jamestown firefighters?

Well our own Jamestown firefighters have donated at least four dinners (for 10-14 people) this past year to local fundraisers. I was blessed to have been the high bidder lately at a fundraiser for A Fresh Start.

My Father, James Buck is retired JFD and my family was able to celebrate his birthday last week surrounded by and served by the firemen in Station 1. What an experience! The firemen, all from different stations, cover for each other in case of any calls that may come in. They cook, they serve and they wash the dishes! The party came complete with a birthday cake.

The reminiscing, the storytelling and the camaraderie along firefighters present and past cannot be matched, I’m sure of it. 21/2-year-old Logan James had his own tour guide within every vehicle present in that station. I’m not sure who had a better time, the 83-year-old or the 2 1/2-year-old! No one wanted to leave.

Our family is so grateful for the experience and the memories. Priceless. Our local heroes do more than just their jobs, they care about their community and they follow through! Thank you gentlemen from our family and A Fresh Start.

Cecelia Nosel