Organizer Thanks Community For Supporting Falconer After-Prom

The Reader’s Forum:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the Falconer After-Prom party. This is such a huge undertaking and could never be possible without the entire community. They say it takes a community to raise a child; well it takes a community-plus to put on a party of this magnitude. This year we had over 150 donors from the surrounding area. I am not going to mention them for fear of omitting someone, but please know how much you are appreciated. Our theme this year was Mardis Gras and we had over 160 children and 85 adults attend. The kids enjoyed many activities and went away with many prizes and very full stomachs from all the food.

Falconer takes it one step farther and also has a senior vigil for our kids. After graduation they travel from place to place all night and return to the school for breakfast and foam spread out for them on the field for the kids to enjoy. For many this will be the last time they will see their fellow students as them embark on new adventures and pursue their dreams — whether it be college, jobs, or military. They get to spend the their last evening together and be safe as the Class of 2018!!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone for all your help.

Rosie Digirolamo

Falconer After-Prom chair