McCain Deserves An Apology From The WH

To The Reader’s Forum:

As of today’s date, 5-22-18, there has been no effort by this White House to offer an apology to Sen. McCain for last week’s comment from an aide, mocking McCain’s struggle with life threatening cancer — hopefully that apology will happen soon.

That “joke” set off a firestorm of protests from both sides of the aisle. Sen.Graham-R, stated, “a pretty disgusting thing to say” and “no one is laughing.” Mitt Romney-R, said “those who mock greatness only humiliate themselves and their accomplices.” Joe Biden-D, added “people were wondering when decency would hit rock bottom with this administration, and it has happened.”

If not for a leak, we would not have known the degree of hate and disrespect shown to a war hero, tortured for five years, who has devoted his adult life to the service of his country.

The “joke leaked from that meeting was based on McCain’s opposition to the nominee for CIA director and included the following “his opinion doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.”

Donald Trump, who has earlier mocked McCain for being captured, and therefore did not qualify as a war hero, has remained silent. It’s troubling that a person who has dodged service to his country, five times, based on a sore foot would openly disrespect a war hero, ignore the “dying anyway” joke, and refuse to offer a public apology to Sen. McCain and his family. John McCain is battling a life threatening form of cancer and deserves prayers and respect from every American. “Where is the apology?”

Sam Sabino