Backing Out Of Iran Deal Is A Destabilizing Move

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been bothered ever since Trump took office. I have been nervous for minority groups during this time. I have felt embarrassment for our country during his multitude of horrible foreign policy decisions. But after yesterday, for the first time in his term I am genuinely scared for our country.

Withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal is by far the most destabilizing thing this administration has done. Not only does it send a message to Iran that the United States can’t be trusted to honor its agreements but it further drives a wedge between the US and its key allies in Europe.

After he pulled out of TPP the Asian countries bonded together behind Japan and restructured the agreement. After he pulled out of the Paris Accords, France and Germany stepped up and are leading on environmental issues.

Trump is trying to return this country’s foreign policy to the early 1900’s. The US can’t keep this up for 2¢ more years. With each passing day, the distrust of this country rises in the Middle East and Asia grows. Our allies in Europe realize they no longer need us.

As a side note, how can we expect North Korea to trust this country and be willing to negotiate in good faith after seeing what just happened with Iran?

Jeremy D. Engquist