Good On Liuzzo For Questioning Elite

To The Reader’s Forum:

Newly elected to the Jamestown City Council, Andrew R. Liuzzo is now a politician. Politician: one who engages in politics for personal or partisan aims rather than for reasons of principle. He is in a Republican minority and represents the people of Jamestown.

Samuel C. Alessi accuses Andrew R. Liuzzo or being a poor winner because he challenges the mayor’s appointment (Mr. Rabb) to the Board of Public Utilities and Planning Commission. Mr. Alessi also cites Mr. Rabb’s formal education, which makes him eminently qualified for the job. Mr. Alessi also says “Greg Rabb is a friend of mine.”

I am not writing to defend Mr. Liuzzo as Sam Alessi has chosen to do for his friend Mr. Rabb. Mr. Andrew Liuzzo is perfectly capable of defending himself.

The problem lies whenever the people question the decisions of the political elite. The elite treat us like poor dumb slobs and tell us to go back to our little worlds.

Mr. Alessi proved Mr. Liuzzo’s point when he wrote “Greg Rabb is a friend of mine.” Mr. Liuzzo was elected to question the decisions made by the political friends an dfamily plan in Jamestown. The intelligent people in government can and do make common sense errors.

As a citizen and a veteran I hope Andrew R. Liuzzo continues to question the decisions made by the politically elite, ya dig!

David C. Andalora