Albany Would Burn Through Marijuana Tax Revenue

To The Reader’s Forum:

In regards to the Monday, Feb. 5 articles on the proposed study and pros and cons of recreational marijuana, I felt the need to respond. I drove commercial trucks for many years and as all truck drivers are aware of is the constant vigil of the Department of Transportation, or DOT, to keep drivers off the roads that that are unable to control a vehicle in a safe and acceptable manner. This is done with regular physicals and random drug testing.

I was often sent for random drug testing from three to five times a year and am proud to say I never failed. In fact, I can honestly say I never used marijuana. I don’t really care who does but I don’t want to share the road with anyone who is impaired driving a car or truck under the influence of alcohol, drugs or marijuana. To be honest, I reported several drivers to the police over the years who were unable to keep their vehicle under control and were a menace to others.

The legalization of marijuana was said by one advocate in the article to create the money to fix the roads that cause more accidents than buzzed driving. I doubt if the tax money would go for roads. Look at how the lottery was supposed to bail out the schools and the tobacco settlement money was to keep kids from smoking. Many politicians blindly stomped towards the smell of more tax money.

Dennis W. Wilson