Unseemly Attacks On A Good Man

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been following with fascination the repeated public comments and obsession that City Councilman Anthony Liuzzo has with former City Council President Greg Rabb.

Mr. Liuzzo’s continuing negative comments about Mr. Rabb and his criticizing his appointment to the Board of Public Utilities and the Planning Commission sounds like sour grapes to me. My parents used to say, “It’s important to not only be a good loser, but more important to be a good winner.” Mr. Liuzzo is apparently choosing to be a “sore winner”

Greg Rabb is a friend of mine, and I know him to be eminently qualified for the volunteer positions in which the Mayor and the City Council have asked him to serve. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Canisus College, a Master’s Degree in urban planning from the University of Illinois, and has obtained his law degree from the University of Buffalo. He has served for ten years as the City Council President, ten years as a member of the BPU, and seven years as chairman of the Planning Commission. There is no other person who has contributed nearly as much to the Jamestown community than Mr. Rabb, and the city is fortunate to have someone of his caliber willing to volunteer his time and talent so generously.

I also note that there is a long history of former elected officials coming back to serve the community n various volunteer roles. Probably the best example is Mayor Sam Carlson, who, after serving 25 years in office, was appointed and served 12 years as Chairman of the Board of Public Utilities.

Councilman Liuzzo, you need to get over it. The election is over, and you won, mostly by impugning the character of and insulting Mr. Rabb. It’s time to stop being a sore loser and start working for the good of the city and its people.

Samuel C. Alessi