Shootings: Less About Guns

To The Reader’s Forum:

The country is full of people who believe demonstrations and slogans and Democrats and laws will stop mass shootings and save lives. Fifty years ago we didn’t have regular mass killings. We had just as many guns and just as much mental illness and not as many gun control laws. We had absolutely no psychotherapeutic drugs.

So, we are told “just pass a law you can’t have guns.” Well, why not pass a law we can’t kill people? Oh, we already have a law like that and the killers ignore the law. Now I could say that people who want to kill just might ignore the gun laws too, but the people who want the laws would just look blank and call me names.

The reason we didn’t have mass killings in the past was because people had inhibitions inculcated by parents, teachers, legal authorities, and clergy. The Baby Boomers came along and called inhibitions “hang ups” and dumped them. Now nobody can figure out what went wrong. Nothing is going to stop the killings until we get the inhibitions back, nothing.

Another thing we will discover is that the people clamoring for gun control aren’t really against guns. When they get control, they will have guns. You won’t.

Norman P. Carlson