Reader Tired Of Blame Game After Gun Violence

To The Reader’s Forum:

Well it happened again. Another mass shooting. Now we will go through the same political garbage we always do. Ultimately the guns will be blamed, not the shooter or his mental state. Once again all shooting enthusiasts will be lumped together to share the blame. As I tell my pistol classes “A gun is a tool, it only becomes a weapon when it is used for something it was not intended for.” A gun is a cold piece of steel, it doesn’t think and cannot work by itself. I takes the warm flesh and blood of a hand to set it in motion.

Why? Why do these things happen. I grew up around guns. As many people of my age did. In the 1960s and 1970s we hunted. We shot targets. We brought guns to school in our cars to hunt with after school. We watched Westerns and war movies. We knew they were only movies. We were taught gun safety and respect for firearms and what they could do. Schools had rifle teams. Guns were literally in the schools. And mass shootings were basically unheard of.

So what has changed over the last couple of generations? Respect for life? Moral and ethical breakdowns? Sometimes the media portrays the gunmen as veterans with a problem. When I was young there were million of veterans from the second World War, Korea and then Vietnam around. And there wasn’t this problem. I feel everyone should be raised with a real sense of accountably for their actions and the result of those actions. Something that certainly seems to be lacking now. As a gun enthusiast I am tired of the media and the political machine blaming me as a gun owner for someone else’s disregard for human lives. Don’t blame the guns. Or me.

Dan Wendt