IDA PILOT An Outrageous Misuse Of Funds

To The Reader’s Forum:

Approving the PILOT for Big Wind in Chautauqua County on January 23 was an outrageous misuse of tax-payers’ funds.

The CCIDA should not approve any favorable financial special treatment for any major business, without first doing an objective and comprehensive assessment of the financial impact of that business to the County. No such financial assessment was done by the CCIDA for the Cassadaga wind project. If such an assessment was done, it would almost certainly be negative.

Here is what Oswego and Jefferson counties think of Big Wind: “County Says No PILOT to Big Wind” – Oswego News.

The Oswego County Legislature transcript August 10, 2017 states,

” WHEREAS, wind energy projects, regardless of their capital investment, produce few permanent jobs for the local economy beyond their construction phase; result in little secondary expenditure in the local economy; do not produce a multiplier effect in the regional economy, and might well have a net negative effect on the economy of a host community….

” BE IT RESOLVED, that any PILOT agreement for wind energy production with a rated capacity of 25 Megawatts, or greater, require annual payments to the County in an amount equal to that which the County would have received in real property taxes ….”

It’s the right thing to do on behalf of all the people of Chautauqua County.

Karen Engstrom,