Dump Site Distinction Must Be Made Clear

To The Reader’s Forum:

It’s great to read The Post-Journal Editorial Department’s (01/25/18) endorsement of business competition, particularly going forward with Chautauqua County’s solid waste landfill laws and operations. However, a very important distinction must be clearly rendered.

Unfortunately, it was not evident which part of the solid waste disposal operations were being considered. Was it ease and pricing of competitive pickup and delivery access to solid waste dumping sites, private ownership and operation of separate and independently competitive public dumping site locations, or a combination of both?

Dump site access rights and pricing should be competitively open and affordable for all comers from within the county’s allowable boundaries. As far as ownership and operation of separate dump-sites go, however, there must be very firm and clear environmental standards met at every site, government owned or privately owned. This distinction is essential to control the very serious risks of adverse environmental spillovers from nefarious dumping at poorly monitored sites.

Multiple dump sites within a county may seriously elevate the critically required environmental monitoring risks and costs to the public, even if additional site existence lowers competitive delivery access costs to a small minority of competitive haulers. Environmental cleanups can cost a fortune for a very long time!

Frank Witgen