Don’t Be Complacent Re: Gun Control

To The Reader’s Forum:

Well, it’s happened again. We knew it would — another school shooting with this time at least 17 dead. It’s the 18th shooting incident at a school this year and we’re less than two months into the new year. There are already the usual messages of prayers and condolences before we shrug our shoulders and go back to our everyday lives. What happened? Somebody shot? Oh, well, move on, noting to see here.

Have we lost our minds? Have we become so hardened to the loss of young innocent lives that we can feel no loss any more?

I fear that those who desperately want some sort of sane gun control are fighting a losing battle. We are a sick society — while all the other countries in the world have gun related deaths in the single digits, ours are in the triple digits.

The mention of mental illness is nothing more than a red herring, meant to draw discussion away from meaningful and effective gun control.

And still there are smiling idiots in Congress who want to pass federal legislation allowing people to carry handguns into states that prohibit such. Now there are “ghost guns.” One can buy a kit and assemble a handgun that has no manufacturer and no serial number — completely untraceable.

There are two national gun control organizations; The Brady Campaign, and Gabby Giffords PAC. Their resources are limited, and they are essentially voices crying in the wilderness. There is only one answer to the NRA and gun manufacturers money, and that is for every citizen who is tired if the carnage to hammer their Congress people, and not to let up until it does something. Come on, people — raise your voices and make them heard.

Samuel C. Alessi,