Coach: Proud Of Players, On And Off The Field

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am extremely proud to be able to say that I have, not one or two, but 10 athletes from the girls varsity soccer team here at Cattaraugus-Little Valley that are now part of the C-LV Chapter of National Honor Society.

As I look at this photo of these girls, I can’t help but be overcome by an intense feeling of pride. This emotion is not a reflection of their abilities nor is it attached to their performance in athletics or scholastics. (Although they each have had moments of glory when my shouts, as both coach and friend, can be heard from the stands/bench.) But, my pride comes from an admiration of your personal dedication and what that dedication has accomplished at such a young age. I want you all to know that there have been moments throughout our time of knowing each other that have caused my heart to swell so full of love for you that it felts like it was going to burst from my chest. And this accomplishment, the nervous chatter between each other when your presenters spoke of you and your peers and attempted to show to the world just an ounce of the pride and love that we feel for you, the looks on your faces when you walked across that stage and received your certificate — full of nervous excitement, the smiles for the endless numbers of pictures taken to remember the moment, I will hold all of those images in my mind forever.

I am so incredibly proud of the women you all are becoming and all that you have achieved for yourselves. Thank you for allowing me to be there during this epic moment in your lives and for affording me the opportunity to brag about you all to the world. I have no doubt that whatever path life sets you on each of you will come out on top every time.

JJ Niemi

Little Valley