Trump’s Alleged Accomplishments Not Helping America

To The Reader’s Forum:

So, here we are in 2018, one year into the Trump presidency. One can debate whether Trump has actually achieved “accomplishments” or merely fulfilled some candidate promises. One can also debate if any of Trump’s presidential actions are doing any good – that will depend on your point of view.

For example he has fulfilled a campaign promise to appoint federal judges, but they tend to write opinions that support political positions that represent less than 50% of Americans’ values. Trump also fulfilled a promise to roll back federal regulations, but those primarily benefit business profit margins and turn the clock back on progress toward environmental and consumer protection. Another example is recent tax policy changes that primarily benefit corporations and pass-through businesses, and protect the wealthy PERMANENTLY. This kind of “trickle-down” tax plan has been unsuccessfully tried before; resulting in larger overall deficit spending to pay for it and stagnant job growth and wages.

Trump promised immigration reform, but his actions to date have not made America safer or produced promised jobs. In fact, deportation of hard-working, undocumented aliens will actually cause job loss; jobs that most Americans would not take (or they would have). He has no plan to provide promised “better” healthcare than under “Obamacare”, and his tax plan actually cuts Medicare, which supports both disabled and older Americans. His plan to allegedly “improve” on the Paris climate agreement runs counter to decades of science-based evidence. He promised to end international trade agreements, but the only proposed changes would actually kill many jobs dependent on both imports and exports. He has no plan to help foster peace in the Middle East or on the Korean peninsula, and his only foreign policy “accomplishment” is to out-insult Kim Jung Un (and make war more likely).

Yes, there are three more years to Trump’s presidency, so anything is possible – good or bad. Only time will tell if America can become greater than it already is, or go in the opposite direction. Trump promised to be President for “all” Americans, but that is one promise he can never accomplish. Perhaps the 2018 mid-term elections will give a clue to the mood of Americans whether the Trump and Republican-supported “accomplishments” are what voters bargained for.

Paul L. Demler