Robbins’ Take On Gun Laws Was Right On Point

To The Reader’s Forum:

I very much appreciated Craig Robbins’ “Outdoors” column in the January 7 P-J on gun laws, however, I’m not sure who gave it the title “Gun Control Nuts Are At It Again” since the comments by Mr. Robbins did not label the substance of new laws issue in Oregon and California or the rationale offered by the courts over applicability of the laws as “nutty”. In fact, inasmuch as no law is perfect, I thought Robbins’ discussion of both the positive aspects of the laws as well as potential drawbacks was on point and worthy of further consideration. He also raised a concern in New York law but, again, made a reasonable point about potential abuse of gun confiscation rules.

Robbins says of the California law – “In today’s world, I can relate. It looks like a common sense law. And I agree.” He makes sense over both the court’s ruling about interpretation and application of ammunition magazines allowed to be “grandfathered”, and his own concern over how false reporting of incidents covered by various laws might improperly affect a person’s privilege to carry a gun. Such comments hardly seem to make particular gun “control” laws nutty on their face. As long as people agree that the Second Amendment and gun control can reasonably work in tandem, then “Nuts” is not an appropriate name to label people who believe in reasonable and common sense limitations on access to guns and ammunition.

Robbins appears to only speculate over concern about potential gun confiscation rules as they apply in NY divorce cases. While stating personal knowledge of persons whose permits were “suspended”, he does NOT say the suspensions were improper. Besides, a suspension is only temporary. On the other hand, I am close to a person who worked as a police officer, licensed to carry, and was engaged in a bitter, revenge-type divorce proceeding, but he never lost his permit. One has to examine each case separately.

I certainly don’t know Mr. Robbins’ beliefs about guns in general, but it seems that he along with the vast majority of Americans believe in some form of gun control. So, “in today’s world”, with one of the highest rates of gun violence and mass shootings in the developed world, I found Mr. Robbins’ article apropos. However, let’s concentrate our dialog on the victims of gun violence- we can do better by and for them.

Paul L. Demler