Give Firefighters, EMS All The Room They Need

To The Reader’s Forum: Emergencies have happened to everyone at some point in their lives. In order to assist in those emergencies, first responders need to get to those involved in a timely fashion. Recently local volunteer firefighters and EMTs have had difficulties responding to these emergencies due to preoccupied motorists not giving the right of way to emergencies vehicles. Recently a volunteer department pulling out of the station, traffic would not stop for the trucks, three cars passed by before allowing the apparatus safe clearance to pull out onto Route 60. Are we really that preoccupied driving that fast, that we need to get where we are going this second? Remember also blue “courtesy” lights on volunteer member vehicles. These lights do not mean you “must” pull over. They are a symbol asking you to be favorable and give them a chance to get to the emergency safely. People please! Allow the fire apparatus and ambulances the right of way when their lights and sirens are active. The emergency they are responding too might be your loved one, your property or a favorite local business. People are the first to place blame because the fire departments either took to long to get to the emergency or did not do enough once they did get there. In this time of peace and of giving thanks, please respect the unsung hero emergency first responders. They are probably your neighbors or friends. Give thanks that we have them, for if we didn’t the world would be an ugly place. Josh Kibbe Kiantone