The GOP And A Troubling Pattern

To The Reader’s Forum:

The guilty plea of lying to the FBI by Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump’s National Security Advisor, suggests this is just the beginning of a long and sordid unraveling. Time will tell how deep into the White House the crimes will go and how the nation reacts. It is instructive to look back to previous administrations to get a historical perspective.

My memory starts with ‘All The President’s Men’ and the high crimes of Richard Nixon. An analysis of each administration since then and the number of indictments and convictions of officials within suggests that Mr. Trump’s troubles are not unusual. In fact, this was easily predicted.

Nixon – 2 resignations, 76 indictments, 55 convictions

Ford – 1 indictment, 1 conviction

Carter – 1 indictment, 0 convictions

Reagan – 26 indictments, 16 convictions

Bush I – 1 indictment, 1 conviction

Clinton – 2 indictment, 1 conviction

Bush II – 16 indictments, 16 convictions

Obama – 0 indictments, 0 convictions

Trump – 4 indictments, 1 conviction – and counting….

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Republican administrations have seen 124 indictments and 90 convictions, many serving jail time, while democratic administrations have seen only 3 indictments and 1 conviction. That is quite a record going back 50 years. Should we really be surprised when Trump officials start going to jail?

Tom Meara