Teaching Trends Are Removed From Reality

To The Reader’s Forum:

Students on the campus of taxpayer-assisted Brooklyn College feel so unsafe with certain individuals around that a petition is being circulated to ban them from even using the bathrooms. These foreboding threats are not drug dealers, gang members of MS-13 or maniacal men shouting “Allahu Akbar.” They’re policemen of the NYPD.

However, a matter so serious erupted at the taxpayer-funded University of Minnesota, Morris that an administrator called in campus police to break up a live radio broadcast hosted by three students. The students were ordered to shut down the broadcast immediately. Under police watch, the students were forced from the studio for the intolerable offense of uttering the word “tranny.” You probably didn’t know “tranny” was so offensive, let alone that the word even existed. That word violated the speech code protecting transgender people. Remember the hissy-fit progressives threw over the word “niggardly.” It won’t surprise me when the speech-police of the left will try to ban the word “Granny” for sounding too much like “tranny.”

Pew Research recently reported that 77 percent of Democrats with a four-year college degree now say that a baby’s gender cannot be discerned or determined at birth. When a local pastor heard that stat, Dayle Keefer couldn’t pass up saying, “I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I’m not that dumb.” Smugly perched in their puffed up sophistication of pseudo-intellectualism, can the 77 percenters hear the collective “duh” from people grounded in common sense?

Where do individuals with four year college degrees get the idea to dismiss biology as the objective reality for determining sex? Certainly not the Bible, but from a post-modern fascist-like philosophy bent on overthrowing not just moral and theological foundations, but even the established scientific facts of genetics. Only from a worldview having the belief that you evolved from goo-by-way-of-the-zoo can you conclude that assigning sex at birth is just a man-made construct and not the result of a genetic code created by God.

When youth tell me about the beliefs parading as science being taught in the government-run classroom, they’re getting underhanded indoctrination. With all the money being forcibly taken from taxpayers for social engineering under the guise of teaching curriculum, shouldn’t students, parents and especially those footing the bill know upfront what’s going on? How is government-approved teaching material unbiased when millennials increasingly favor government control and socialism over liberty and the free-market? If the trendy teaching techniques for spelling nowadays indicate anything, Is spelling becoming as relativistic as morals?

The Rev. Mel McGinnis