Reed Should Be Concerned By Trump’s Behavior

To The Readers Forum:

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, tweeted a sexist slur against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY. Senator Gillibrand had recently called on the President to resign over allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In an attempt to strike back at Senator Gillibrand, the President claimed she would “do anything” to secure a campaign contribution. The President’s outrageous tweet was one more example of his adolescent “bomb thrower” behavior, which by the way, would most likely result in termination of employment in the corporate world.

In an article in The Post Journal, Representative Tom Reed, R-Corning, stated he would not comment on the President’s tweets. Apparently, he doesn’t feel it would be “productive” to comment on a politician’s character. That’s unfortunate, since some constituents’ votes are determined not only on a politician’s policies, but also his or her character.

At one of Mr. Reed’s town hall meetings this year, he stated that he likes Donald Trump because Mr. Trump was disrupting Washington, and Washington needed to be disrupted. Arguably, someone needed to stir things up in an attempt to get the Congress to do its job. I’m not sure insulting our allies, picking fights with ordinary citizens and cozying up to Vladimir Putin are the steps that were needed.

Some have called for Mr. Trump to resign or be impeached, either of which is not likely to happen. However, the Republicans in Congress could make an attempt to keep him in check instead of pretending they’ve been too busy to follow the President’s controversial statements or tweets.

Tom Reed seems reluctant to take a stand for decency and character when it comes to Donald J. Trump. Could it be that the President’s boorish and disgusting behavior is the kind of disruption with which Tom Reed agrees? Could it be that he fears becoming a target of Mr. Trump’s wrath?

If the current members of Congress are not willing or able to behave like an independent government body instead of the President’s “yes men,” the voters should look elsewhere in the 2018 elections.

Sally A. Myers