Reader Thanks Those Who Aided Husband In Last Days

To The Reader’s Forum:

My husband, Pastor Don Erickson, loved the privilege of writing into Reader’s Forum. Many enjoyed his comments about his faith and his political views laced with his own special brand of humor over the years. I know some didn’t always like his perspective but he would have said, “What a wonderful country we live in that we can different opinions” and he would respect their right to express it.

The real purpose of my letter is to thank so many who helped us through a very difficult time. His passing was a struggle but many helped eased our pain during the last few months with him, including the wonderful team from Hospice under the direction of Dr. Putnam. WCA hospital’s nurses, doctors and aides who gave pastor loving care, Visiting Nurses Association, our church family, pastor friends, our families, our friends from Jamestown and all over the country, for the generosity of Fluvanna Community Church, Greg Carlson from the Veterans’ Administration and Office for the Aging took care of so many needs. I am so thankful. There are many more, please forgive me if I missed you.

Special thanks to his cousin, Linda and her husband, Joe Ulrich who helped so much with Pastor Erickson home care. Thanks to Gary Buchanan for taking care of Lighthouse Baptist Church , Bill & Vi Atkins, and Don and Rose Nadeau and many others from Lighthouse Baptist Church and Pastor and Mrs. Hice for being a strong support to me in so many areas.

Helen Erickson