Reader Proud Of Red Dragons’ Season

To The Reader’s Forum:

Congratulations to the MG Dragons on a historic 2017 season. By the time the dust settles, this may be our most historic season of all. Some may have been surprised, but anyone who’s been around these kids, and certainly the kids themselves fully expected to make it to the dome this year. Off the field was equally historic, and then some. This group of young men looked out for each other more than any other I’ve come across. Right down to the sophomore who ran down my son’s hat after it went airborne as he came out of the dome. On senior night one of the players included in his speech, “He who has dignity never finds himself in a tough spot.” These kids never found themselves in a tough spot.

No one does historic quite like we do. The head coach quit and then unquit all in the same practice. A parent did a Mario Andretti through a busy school parking lot, got out of her car, walked into the middle of practice and verbalized at a couple of players with screams that “echoed through the canyon like a disappearing dream of yesterday.” To borrow from Kristofferson. We even had some big sisters getting involved and defending a couple of kids who crossed the one bridge at our school that no administrator would ever dare get near.

My favorite part of every game was watching the team come down from the locker room being led by two players walking hand and hand, one holding the American flag and one holding the MG flag. Their Captain status varied from game to game. Captains are chosen by the coaching staff, leaders are chosen by the players who know who is watching their back. Those who will take on anybody in their defense, including the coaching staff and the administration. The load that a couple of these young men took on in defense of others will be remembered by many close to the program every bit as much as a state championship would have.

To the seniors, Paul Valery said, “A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone.” You will definitely leave us at a loss. Godspeed next year to the underclassmen. As is our tradition those seniors will be your biggest fans. I know they’ll see plenty of leaders and dignity out there.

Dan Nelson

Bemus Point