Reader Presents Flag To Governor Cuomo

To The Reader’s Forum:

Dear. Gov. Cuomo,

It was with great pleasure and surprise to receive your letter of thanks for our presence at the “I Love New York” Campaign. We were honored to have received an invitation to attend and have the pleasure to meet you and extend our thanks for all you have done for our community, especially the National Comedy Center and Lucille Ball Comedy Festival. We thank you for the pictures of our meeting you and handshake — something to remember.

It was my wish to present you an American flag that has flown over our nation’s capitol. It has been my mission to give our country’s churches, factories who employ veterans, hospitals and all the agencies in our community. To date I have given 286 flags. Serving in the Army during the Korean Conflict made me aware of the flag and what it stands for. For this reason I choose to give the American flag in honor of all veterans who served and those still protecting our great country.

We have great respect for you and thank you for your support in building our efforts for boosting Jamestown and Western New York. God bless you, Gov. Cuomo.

Peter and Mary Ann Carlo