Nobody Can Figure Out What Went Wrong

To The Reader’s Forum:

For decades the unions contributed to Democratic candidates. The Democratic candidates got elected and conceded generous wages and pensions to the union members. One hand washes the other. The wages were paid out of borrowing to be paid back, along with the pensions, by people in the future. This is the future. The pensioners and former politicians are dead or enjoying comfortable lives in low tax states. The city has no money — can’t afford a library. Nobody can figure out what went wrong.

Put women everywhere said the libs: in industry, in police forces, in combat, in lead factories. Now we learn that all these years they have been abused, taken advantage of, demeaned, bullied. Men were nasty, boorish, immature, cruel, insensitive, inconsiderate, selfish-serving. What a shock. What a surprise. They were supposed to change. They didn’t. Nobody can figure out what went wrong.

Norman P. Carlson