Line Between Agenda And Education Has Been Crossed

To The Reader’s Forum:

From the Office of Inclusion and Diversity at Brockport State University came this directive to the campus about holiday (not Christmas) decorations and celebrations: “Displays that feature exclusively single-themed decorations may be well intentioned, but they can marginalize those who celebrate other religious and cultural beliefs during this season.” On the one hand, you get the message that nothing is to marginalize, but on the other hand, religious decorations should be marginalized: “Keep decorations general and non-specific to any religion. Create a winter theme with lights and color rather than religious icons…” Notice, only “general and non-specific decorations” are appropriate. Anything that’s “exclusively single-themed” is not appropriate. Don’t “general and non-specific” decorations exclude Christian-themed decorations or is it just Christian-themed decorations that exclude? Aren’t secular decorations “exclusively single-themed” or does the description pertain only to religious, namely Christian, ones?

If the standards are diversity and inclusion, what could possibly be excluded or considered not diversified enough? In fact, why even bother with guidelines? If the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is consistent, shouldn’t anything and everything be permissible for expressing diversity and affirming inclusion? The inconsistencies and double-standards pop up all over the place.

However, it really isn’t about diversity and inclusion as it is about political correctness, but being politically-correct doesn’t sound as good as diversity and inclusion, so the words are cheapened for rhetorical devices to control the language of debate in a sound-bite dumb-downed culture being high-jacked by politically-motivated “educrats.”

The office emphasized sensitivity. Isn’t the push for only secular decorations insensitive to those with religious beliefs or is it just Christian decorations that are insensitive? This isn’t about sensitivity, but about the arbitrary force of the politically-correct in power aided and abetted by progressive politicians dumping tax dollars into politically-biased institutions and agendas.

As a third-grader in Brockport, N.Y., during the late 1960s, rumors in school of protestors at Brockport State circling buildings on our school property alarmed me. The upheaval of the 1960s bred leftist revolutionaries. Now the campus, like so many other campuses on the American landscape, produces Orwellian social justice warriors assisted by the ubiquitous Office of Inclusion and Diversity. If a taxpayer-funded school has enough money from taxpayers to set up an office of Inclusion and Diversity, then the line between agenda and education has been crossed and not dime of taxpayer money should fund it. Let the Orwellian liberals fund their own agenda.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis