A Child Was Born On This Day

To The Reader’s Forum:

Over 2,000 years ago a father gave a special gift to earth’s residents. Long before that, he had already given them a beautiful world to live in, but this time he would not give them a planet, but a person – his only begotten Son. The word begotten means ‘unique’. This Son was unique in many ways.

He was unique in birth…of a virgin. Unique in his life…sinless. Unique in his death…priceless. Unique in his resurrection…victorious. Unique in his ascension to a throne…glorious!

He was full of forgiveness, eternal life, love, joy, peace, power and wisdom. He was ‘The Word made flesh’. Words reveal a person’s heart and this Word revealed a good and loving Father.

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. Hopefully you will find a special gift for you under a Christmas tree. Nonetheless, a unique gift is available for all, but it won’t be found under a Christmas tree. It was put on a tree at a place called Calvary and three days later was unwrapped for all the world to see. The Father now waits for us to receive and enjoy his unique gift.

John Beckerink