Remember Reed’s Role In Tax Reform

To The Reader’s Forum:

On May 6, 2017, Congressman Tom Reed faced a chorus of boos at the Busti Fire Hall in response to his consistent lack of accurate representation in Washington. According to Jesse M. Robbins, Busti town supervisor, a number of “non-town liberals and dirty people” were chiefly responsible for the ruckus, traveling to each local town hall to simply heckle Reed. As a result, on June 5, the town issued an apology for the incident.

On November 16, Tom Reed showed everyone how much that apology meant by voting to pass a tax bill that will raise taxes on everyone earning less than $75,000 per year by 2027. Half of families with incomes between $30-$40 thousand could see a tax hike as early as next year. On top of this, the bill removes medical expense and student loan interest deductions– but it does allow for a $100,000 extended tax cut for the top 0.1% earners. The 2016 median household income in Busti was barely over $52 thousand. It’s time for the Town of Busti to rescind the apology and replace it with a formal letter of condemnation.

If this tax bill passes, and it is harder to make ends meet in 2018, remember who voted to pass it– Tom Reed. Even if the bill is struck down in the Senate, remember this: When Tom Reed comes pandering for your vote for a fifth term in 2018, that’s all he’s interested in. He doesn’t care about this area, and he isn’t even trying to represent us.

William A. Gullotti