Reader Thankful For Business Generosity

To The Reader’s Forum:

Thanks to the many businesses that offer discounts or freebies to active duty or veterans of military service on November 11. It certainly is a generous gesture which means much to those who served.

Personally, my wife and I were enjoying a meal at Applebee’s, which, I will add, was delicious. Then we were pleasantly surprised. A young couple with a child approached our table and asked if either of us were veterans. I answered in the affirmative and was handed a long-stem carnation and thanked for my service by both.

We talked a bit and discovered that neither one had been in the military but were just thankful and wanted to express themselves in this way. They went throughout the restaurant, table by table, in a similar manner.

We were touched immensely. May God bless this young family.

David M. Howard