Reader Believes Trump Policies Have Hurt US

To The Reader’s Forum:

Congratulations President Trump. You’ve done a great job of exposing all of the hate, bias and prejudice in this country.

You, the master of superlatives, have shown that lying, bullying and sexual predatory behavior is okay, not to mention bigotry.

What a relief for who knows how many? You’ve rolled back so many positive measures that were put in place by previous administrations. Let’s not worry about those national parks and the animals within. After all, those poor oil companies need more wealth and phooey on that climate change stuff. Then those nasty regulations that try to defend us from predatory behavior of the finance, food and manufacturing industries need to go.

Since we want to become great again, lets be the lone advanced civilization to pull out of the multi-country agreement to take steps to save this planet. Thanks to your election, the idea of vetting presidential candidates (hopefully all politicians) by means of examining their mental health is being floated around. Try googling Narcisistic Personality Disorder and compare to yourself. Of course, you wouldn’t and you’d deny any of those traits anyway. Thanks so much.

Richard Grover