Library Should Be A High Priority For City

To The Reader’s Forum:

The city of Jamestown would appear to be on the path to committing one of possibly the most tremendous mistakes it has ever done. The unprecedented reductions of funding for the James Prendergast Library could be a primary cause for a downward direction for the city. The self-destructive result would be drastically compounded by causing a huge reduction in annual state aid for the library, possibly amounting to the loss of a very large sum, probably on a permanent basis.

The decision makers should tkae a moment to consider where they would be without the knowledge they have gained earlier in their lives. The library supplies what may sometimes be the only remaining pathway for less fortunate individuals to gain knowledge essential for their self-improvement. A single book or computer source discovered at the library could be the difference between achieving a productive life or the opposite direction for them and the city.

The contaminating effect on the economy and budets caused by the Great Recession has been unfortunate, but a resulting downward spiral for the city of Jamestown should be thoroughly avoided. It is infinitely easier to tear something down through a careless decision than it will ever be to build it back up. Maintenance of the treasure house of knowledge of the Prendergast Library must always be a highest priority for the city of Jamestown.

Peter C. Flagg,