Lack Of Discipline Is Hurting Today’s Youth

To The Reader’s Forum:

The federal and state mandates concerning children in our children’s homes and schools of this country are ruining the youth of this country.

It has come to my attention that discipline is banned in our children’s homes nad we have known for a long time that teachers have no control of students.

Spare the rod and spoil the child does not mean that we beat children, but with no discipline, we are ruining the lives of the ones we are supposed to be helping. They are not learning respect for themselves, their peers and absolutely none for their teachers, caretakers or any other adults. How do you expect these youngsters to learn respect for rules and regulations, to survive and get along with others, in this world, if they are not taught as they grow up?

You are teachin them to call Child Protective Services for any small thing that bruises their egos. All kids want their own way, but that is not always best for them. They need help and guidance to get along in society.

Lucile Frost